Film fans pay attention

It’s nearly time to celebrate International Women’s Day once again, and as usual the Bird’s Eye Film Festivalare marking the occasion by showcasing films directed by talented women.


FOURTEEN dir. Nicole Barnette (USA), 7min, 2005

UK Premiere fresh from Sundance. Hannah awakes to a momentous day of gifts and attention. It\x92s her birthday. But what else? Beautifully shot and ultimately shocking film about one of America\x92s subcultures.

BADGERED dir. Sharon Colman (UK), 6min, 2005

**Oscar nominated** animation from NFTS student. The tale of a badger who just wants the world to let him sleep. Fingers crossed for March 5th! With luck this could be the first chance to see the Oscar winner on the big screen in the UK!

HOLIDAY dir. Laurence Coriat, (France-UK), 18min, 2004

A stolen car and some spliff on a summer day; a holiday of sorts. A strong, visually fresh entry into direction from the writer of "Wonderland" (dir. Michael Winterbottom) and "Me Without You" (dir. Sandra Goldbacher).

SUSIE dir. Cathy Snelling (UK), 3min27s, 2005

Controversial winner of the Jameson Short Film Award, in this textiles animation a woman\x92s masturbatory fantasies become a bizarre folk tale about a voracious vagina that cannot be silenced.

UTEN TITTEL (UNTITLED) dir. Anja Breien (Norway), 14min, 2005

UK Premiere fresh from Sundance. An overwhelmingly beautiful poetic film about a cruel theme told in a way that doesn\x92t allow the spectators to close their eyes. The meaning may be hard to tie down, but the images stir deep and stay with you\x85

FISH EYE dir. Margot Buff (Czech Republic), 4min, 2005

A humorous and insightful documentary told from the perspective of a carp in the Czech Republic.

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