‘Protest Now’ Group Formed

Blogger and F Word contributor Laura has set up a Yahoo Group, “designed to bring together women who wish to organise protests and direct action to make our voices heard and speak out against society’s acceptance of rape and male violence. Let’s get out on the streets and demand our rights.”

As Laura explains, the group is set up to “allow women to organise protests, direct action etc in response to the reduction in sentencing for rapists, the abysmal conviction rates for rapists, rape myths, the misguided HO advertisements to remind men to seek consent, and any other issues that are driving us all mad.” She elaborates on her blog.

If this interests you, head on over to: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/protestnow

For anyone who just wants the news on various forthcoming events and actions rather than the discussion and planning, there is also UK Feminist Action.