Raunch 0, Blog 1

Feminists who were enraged by Kate Taylor’s recent Guardian comment piece defending “raunch culture” (which referenced Rachel Bell’s article on this site, and which fellow F Word blogger Holly commented on earlier), might like to pop over to Laurelin in the Rain’s blog post on this, where the comments make interesting reading.

A commenter states:

“I wanted to tell you that I have been humbled and shamed by your comments on that article. You\x92re absolutely, 100% right… I had to let you know that I haven\x92t been able to get your blog out of my mind since I read it. I had a lot of responses, as you can imagine, but yours was so brilliantly argued that it was the one that changed many of my opinions.”

Go on. Have a look. It’ll make your day.

[Update: The comment I quoted above has since been edited slightly on the blog, but the point remains that Taylor seems to have accepted some criticisms, which is a good thing in my book. She has published a response on the Guardian site here, where she interacts with readers.]