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Keeping It Real

Leonie Brooke examines how attitudes to menstruation still limit women’s choices and prevent us from discovering the different options available. She discusses how simply talking about the issues can break down taboos and lead to more freedom of choice for everyone.

Readers Comments – February 2006

A small snippet:

“Just want to say that your article was excellent in its informed description of our society and has helped me to understand the issues far better. Just remeber that there are lots of men out there that agree with your points of view.”

“I really feel that the way forward is to campaign for an end to all censorship, rather than to attempt to impose more restrictions on what we can and can’t see.”

“It disturbs me that programmes centred around women having to drastically alter themselves in order to conform to some narrow definition of mainstream beauty are treated so lightly and enter our daytime TV schedules.”

“I thought “pretending that men aren’t grown ups” was right on point and a brillant thoughtful analysis. Like contraception, in rape the responsibility is heaped onto women, and any unfortunate attendant consequences are solely their fault.”