A Feminist Cruise?

You know those cruises that Ms Magazine runs? Well, P.M.S. Media has put together a stinging critique of the whole concept. Watch it here. The main arguments seem to be:

1) Cruises are dirty and polluting

2) On-ship workers – especially non-white serving staff – are exploited and poorly paid

3) The tickets are expensive, presumably shutting out large numbers of less well-off feminists from participating

I have a lot of sympathy with all of these points, and the video slams home its point – in particular, cutting from Eleanor Smeal talking about how they are selling fair trade goods, to interviews with worn out waiters trapped on board for months at a time. A quick Google search didn’t come up with any evidence of Ms Magazine defending itself, but it would sure be interesting to see what they have to say. So I will email them, and let you know if I get a response.