News Update

Women will be one of the first beneficiaries of pension reform in the UK, the Government claims. Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton has called the measures a “new deal for women”, according to the Guardian

The debate on flexible working continues, as a new study reveals huge disparities in access to family-friendly hours and parental leave across Europe, EUObserver reports.

In Saudi Arabia, women face oppressive curbs on their freedoms. But, of course, the most terrible consequence of this is that they can’t exercise so might put on a bit of weight. This AP story raises some important issues, and rightly illustrates the plight of Saudi women, but really. Way to trivialise such an important issue!

Getting Around. Tiffiny Carlson tells Nerve “how I discovered my wheelchair wasn’t a chastity belt”. Also, Ada Calhoun ponders contraversial photographs showing an Abu Ghraib guard attending a court martial carrying a copy of Cunt: A Declaration of Independence.