An urgent plea

Elizabeth, a lesbian woman from Uganda, is about to be deported, despite evidence that she faces torture or death if she returns.

According to the campaign website:

Elizabeth’s asylum claim, and her appeal, have both been rejected. Whilst the adjudicators recognise that homosexuals are persecuted in Uganda, they do not believe that the term ‘homosexual’ and evidence relating to the treatment of homosexuals, applies to lesbians. They have also questioned her identity as a lesbian, because she had a child as a young woman, although this is common among British lesbians too. They show further misunderstandings about the nature of both underground gay communities, and of state sanctioned abduction, detention and torture.

If this is true it is a terrifying example of incompetance and an indictment of the immigration service (as though it needed it, see previous posts on the subject in the last few weeks). I haven’t had time to substantiate this outside of the website, so if anyone has any more information, feel free to get in touch using the comments form.

Sign the petition or email the Home Office to protest this decision. Thank you Toksik for letting me know about this.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, a group paedophiles have formed a new political party that is campaigning to reduce the age of consent. Just insane.