Pipped to the post

I had totally just finished writing an entry about the Guardian article when I saw that Jess had beaten me to it!

One thing I would add, though\x85 I was interested in the final comment in the piece \x96 women are becoming more vocal in blogging about politics, but "in the meantime, a thick skin is a prerequisite for the aspiring female political blogger – or the willpower to ignore your comments box".

It prompted me to think that perhaps the reason my first reaction to the article was "what\x92s the big deal about blogging political stuff?" is that we don\x92t have a comments box here at the f-word. Perhaps we\x92re terribly insulated from all the negative reactions we\x92re unknowingly provoking?

The reason we don\x92t have one is predominantly the time (we\x92re told) it takes to maintain a clean box (as it were) \x96 spambots being the scourge of many a blogger. Are our readers missing the interaction they get with other blogs? Would you appreciate the space to comment? Or would we spend all our time dealing with spam and trolls?

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