Stop for a moment of shameless self promotion…

Check out this Guardian story on female political bloggers. Needless to say, I was half way through forming a puffy “yet another story about how female bloggers don’t exist” post in my head before I saw we got a mention afterall.

Mary Cheney Speaks Out… sort of

Ever since Dick Cheney was elected vice president of the US, there’s been endless speculation about his lesbian daugher Mary. How could she support her father in campaigning for a party that actively favours discrimination? How could he support a party that discriminates against his own daughter?

Well, of course, Mary has now written a book about the whole experience, and the Guardian publishes some of choice extracts.

Benign Girl

Meanwhile, this blogger has discovered what appears to be an entirely unintential but brilliant parody of Barbie. Or a worryingly literal interpretation of the Barbie message, whichever you chose.