Whilst it was amazingly flattering to be described as a “leading British feminist” in the Guardian’s article on women blogging, it does feel a little bit ridiculous really. And as well deserved as the praise was for all the contributors to this site and this blog, I’d direct anyone interest in feminist blogs to The Feminist Carnival, which showcases the best from the feminist ‘blogosphere’ every month. The blog roll on Mind the Gap is also a fantastic way of discovering UK feminist blogs since it shows which country the blog comes from (look at the list on the right hand side of the page).

Like Philobiblon, I too cringed when I saw the – as she says – “uncomfotably large” picture in the print version. If memory serves me correctly that was taken at about 8am at the Guardian offices to illustrate an article from a few years ago, and as anyone who knows me will testify, I’m not at my best in the morning. It was also really noticeable that all six of the women featured were white. Damn.

But the article’s comments about abuse received by women bloggers is very true. Here’s a example I received a while ago, which is currently winning my unofficial “most hilariously rabid troll email” award. Most feminist bloggers receive comments like this on a regular basis.

“You feminists are fucking stupid. Most of you are shit ugly cunts who can’t get any, so you rant and rave about meaningless shit, that not many people could care about. You people should go die in a fire, a boating accident, or just go choke on your own shit that comes out of your mouths.

“Please get a clue, and stop being so hypocritical and petty over something that really does not matter. Go worry about something worthwhile, such as exploitation of third world countries, rather than your shit-for-brains ideas about “Sexual Equality”.

“Face facts, it is not going to happen. Men are physically stronger than women, and that has been the basis as to why women were originally seen as inferior in past times. Get over it. It will change, slowly, but progress has been made, and go care about something that is important.

“Men think logically compared to women’s irrational emotional thinking hence why many high power jobs are suited more so to men. If women, could cancel their periods they would find that they are much more efficient, rather than just bleeding shitbags.

“Just to reiterate my points.

1) Go campaign for something worthwhile

2) Get over it. Things will change, just slowly.

3) Go die in a fire or drown in your own shit. Just be sure to quit life

because you fail miserably.

“Just because you are ugly, does not mean you have to suffer and inflict this waste of time on us. Please, get plastic surgery or kill yourself via one of the afforementioned techniques. Did I mention, you can shoot yourself with a gun, or drink lots of bleach.

“Many Thanks

Teper Fudfy

“PS. Go die”