Bush favours kooky whackos… again

The Medical Institute for Sexual Health is a “scientific” organisation that promotes abstinance-only education. Its founder, Dr Joe McIlheney, pooh-poohs condom use and is described in this illuminating AlterNet article as “an evangelical ob/gyn”.

Another board member, Dr W David Hager, has written a book calling on women to “treat” PMS symptoms with carefully selected Bible readings.

The truely crazy thing is not that the organisation exists – there will always be whackos who are convinced that the world is flat. It is that this organisation has close tied with the US president and is receiving hefty government funding.

And guess what – it is being funded to do is to write the sexual health curriculum for medical students. Oh yes, Bush has appointed right wing religious nut jobs who don’t believe in condoms to set the rules on what trainee doctors learn.

There’s so much wrong with this, I don’t even need to explain. So how is it possible that this is allowed to happen? Madness, total madness. I suggest you read the full article and shiver for our friends across the water who will be treated in future years by the doctors taught to push abstinance not condoms.