New articles / reviews

I published these a couple of weeks ago but haven’t had chance to post about them here:

Don’t cha wish pop was more empowering?

As more and more female music artists such as Beyonc\xE9 and The Pussycat Dolls declare themselves to be empowered, Kerry-Lynne Doyle analyses asks whether these artists, and the music industry itself, can ever be feminist-friendly.

Where’s the real war on terror?

Michelle Wright thinks the Government has the wrong priorities when it comes to protecting British citizens from terrorism. Women are under attack, she argues; not only from the abusers and rapists, but from the institutions and systems that are supposedly there to protect us.

Verge Magazine

A new glossy British feminist magazine? Could it possibly be true? Yes indeed! Catherine Redfern checks out the first issue.

Roger Fishbite

Cazz Blase reviews Emily Prager’s story about a thirteen year old girl which raises interesting questions about childhood and abuse.