Reading matter

The latest Carnival of Feminists is up at Figure, and they just seem to be getting better and better.

I still haven’t had time to read through all the entries, but my favourite so far is definitely Feminish’s entry on Enid Blyton and housework. I think Feminish might be my new favourite blog, even if it does seem a bit shy about its feminist credentials.

She posts about an interesting feminist kids story with this brilliant formula: “Girl has adventures home-alone; Mum gets in late at night; Girl clears up naughty mess quickly, but she\x92s not caught because Mum\x92s still snogging the current boyfriend in the car.”

The Carnival also includes a link to this fabulous collection of photos of Frida Kahlo.

Meanwhile in the feminist blogosphere, a truce could be in sight on the never ending sex-wars. If you’ve not been paying attention, this refers to the ongoing contraversy between supposedly “sex positive” feminists and those that take a stronger stance on things like porn; a strand of infighting that has been going on for literally decades and has flared up again recently thanks to the recent debate over “raunch culture”.

If you can possibly absorb any more feminist reading matter after all that, I heartily recommend you get hold of the latest copy of Bust. It’s a shame they don’t put any of their features online really, but it really is well worth buying the magazine. This issue includes a brilliant feature on the history of the skirt, and loads of other things for closet (hoho) feminist fashionistas.