Calling for a third wave…

History is on the side of the feminists, argues Katherine Rake from the Fawcett Society in today’s Guardian.

What a shame her own feminist history is so poor, then. While this is a laudable attempt to swell the ranks, Rake is calling for a third wave of feminism. If anything, she should be calling for a fourth wave. I hate to sound persnickety, and if this article does encourage people to think a bit more about these issues, I’m the last person who’ll complain. But seriously, do we really need to re-invent the wheel yet again?

In other disappointing media forays into the question of feminism, check out this New York Times interview with Andi Zeisler of Bitch editorship. As other bloggers have noted, the weirdly aggressive tone of the questions strike an odd note:

You sound as if you\x92re trapped in a pop-culture bubble, which is probably true of many people born since the 70\x92s, when image became all.