Proof that activism can work…

Proof, if it be needed, that activism still works as Irish feminist begin an assault on the la-pdancing industry where it’ll really hurt them – their pockets.

As reported here almost fifty companies have already signed a charter vowing not to spend corporate money in lap-dancing clubs. At the same time Stringfellows announced the closure of it’s Dublin branch citing problems with Ireland accepting the culture of lap-dancing and vowing to return.

Something tells me this is a powerful way to get the industry to sit up and take notice of the fact that vast numbers of women are not happy about the siting of lap-dancing clubs (anyone else remember the storm over the club granted permission to open up opposite a primary school in Southwark, permission then revoked?). The only way to target an industry which puts money before anything (including human rights and workplace safety) is to help remove sources of revenue. And with more cases than ever reaching tribunal of workplace harrasment including “team building” visits to lap-dancing clubs surely this is the time to organise around this issue.