Canadian conservatives may cut funding for women’s groups

Canada’s conservative government may be about to abolish an agency that provides funding for women’s groups.

According to the Toronto Star, the minister in charge of the agency’s budget is refusing to answer questions on its future.

Bev Oda, the minister in charge of promoting gender equality, skirted the question:

“Can the minister tell us which of these women’s groups are so inefficient that she’s decided to pull the plug?” asked Bloc MP Maria Mourani.

Oda responded: “In a few short months the new Conservative government has provided safety in communities by putting more law enforcement officers on the street. We have provided $1.4 billion in affordable housing. We introduced legislation and movement on human trafficking.”

Status for Women provides funding to advocacy groups and small community groups that work on domestic violence and immigration, as well as financing research on gender equality and promoting equality within government.