Women’s health special

The 23rd Carnival of Feminists is up with a special looking at women’s health issues. Plenty of incredible feminist writing to keep you occupied for several days.

In a similar vein, I received information about an interesting sounding new site, ‘Our Bodies, Our Blog,’ www.ourbodiesourblog.org, a daily update featuring news and analysis on issues affecting women’s health and lives. It’s written by Christine Cupaiuolo, who used to blog brilliantly at msmagazine.com in “msmusings”. Christine had a fantastic overview of feminist activity when she blogged at Ms, so I’m sure this project will be worth keeping an eye on, despite presumably being mainly U.S. based. The site’s creators are keen to hear from (or about) any other great feminist blogs, particularly on women’s health, that should be included on their blogroll.

Speaking of women’s health issues in the U.S., do read this astounding, horrific tale from Biting Beaver about her (as yet, failed) attempts to obtain Emergency Contraception in Rural Ohio. With the Daily Mail and their ilk trying to attack the sale of the “morning after pill” in chemists in the UK, Biting Beaver’s story is a vital and timely reminder of what we could lose, and I for one am grateful for her sharing it. Here’s hoping BB’s problem gets resolved.

Over here, Kira Cochrane in the Guardian says, Leave the morning after pill alone!

And if you needed any reminder: please support Abortion Rights – before we find we have to backtrack and start campaigning all over again for Contraception Rights