PRO-CHOICE WEEK OF ACTION: 23 \x96 29 October 2006

The following info was received from Abortion Rights.


PRO-CHOICE WEEK OF ACTION: 23 \x96 29 October 2006

It\x92s time the pro-choice majority was heard!

Abortion Rights is launching a national \x91pro-choice week of action\x92 to raise awareness and encourage people to lobby their MP to defend the abortion time limit. The week, which marks the anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act, will become an annual focus point for campaigning.

Everyone can make a difference:

Now is the time to add your support – join Abortion Rights and encourage your group to affiliate

Send a lobbying postcard, e-postcard or letter to your MP

Help break the taboo and wear a pro-choice sticker during the week

Sign up for pro-choice e-action alerts on our website

Write a letter to your local press

Organise a pro-choice event!

Student groups, trade unionists, women’s groups and individuals are all planning pro-choice activities for the week. Ideas include: Lobby your MP: Organise a delegation to visit your MP Show a pro-choice film or speaker meeting: ‘Vera Drake’, ‘The last abortion clinic in Mississippi’ and ‘Speak Out: I had an abortion’ Organise an awareness raising stall in your college or town Stage an awareness raising/ media stunt

Please see the website for more details about the week of action and to download membership and affiliation forms.

Action packs are available from the office including: lobbying postcards, stickers, balloons, \x91the abortion debate\x92 briefing sheet, evidence based briefing sheets for MPs, and model motions and resolutions. We can also provide speakers for meetings and films and documentaries to screen. Please email [email protected] for your pack.

We need your active support to ensure the week of action is a real success!