Bishop: God is a feminist

Here’s some news that puts yesterday’s announcement that the next French president could be a women’s rights advocate into the shade somewhat: God is a feminist. Or so says South African bishop Israel Malele.

Malele is due to give a special sermon saying that the Bible has been misinterpreted and wrongly used to justify violence against women.

“The church of God is a victim of a serious misinterpretation of the Bible,” he said.

“Many believe that women have no right to be leaders and won’t allow them near the pulpit.”

Malele, who does accept women as pastors, is now preparing a special sermon for this Sunday, as part of the 16 Days of Activism campaign against the abuse of women and children.

“I want our people to know that God never said women are inferior or that they should be abused.

“We have plenty examples of powerful women whom God used in the bible.

“I will confront the situation seriously on Sunday, because, deny it or not, some believers don’t see anything wrong with domestic violence,” Malele said.

Good to see something more constructive coming out of the church, particularly from an African church.