Eaves asks for gift voucher donations

Eaves, an organisation that provides support and shelter to victims of domestic violence and trafficked women, is asking for people to send in 10 pound gift vouchers so the women it helps will have a bit of Christmas cheer.

If 250 supporters give just one £10 gift voucher each, every woman supported by Eaves’ projects will have a brighter Christmas. Please help by sending your donation by Friday 15 December 2006 to:

Victoria Samuel, Fundraising Officer, 2nd Floor, Lincoln House, 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE or call 020 7840 7132.

I know, there are loads of Christmas charity campaigns out there, so why give to this one? Well, you’re sending a gift voucher, so you know that it will go straight to the women you’re trying to help. And you’re supporting a truly feminist cause in your own backyard: charity begins at home.

Photo by stitch shared under a Creative Commons license.