Reclaim The Night Ipswich – update

The organisers have circulated the following additional message (please email The F Word if there are any further updates and we will keep you posted):

“We’ve had an amazing response the last couple of days from all over the country, mostly all supportive.WE cant say thank you enough to everyone that has contacted us offering support and help.

“No group is organising this. It is just a chance to remind ourselves that we will all be safer if we all look out for each other.

“There are so many issues to contend with we want it to be as open as possible.It’s a space to react, so bring your own feelings and share what you want to say on the matter but please be sensitive, This must be a very very upsetting time for the families and we dont want anyone speaking on behalf of anyone else or being insulting.

“We are going to make every effort to invite people from a range of associated issues

“Please spread the date widely even if your not sure, other people will want to be there for their own reasons.

“In relation to comments on this being a womyns only event:

“This event is being organised by feminists, queers and concerned citizens of Ipswich.

“Personally I totally understand why people want this event as womyn only, not only due to the history of reclaim the night but as a statement of violence and oppression faced by womyn. However this march is not about my feelings. I think it likely that this will be the only public way that the people of our town can actively share their feelings about this.

“We are stunned and moved by the national response from womyn around the country but it would be unfair to exclude the men of Ipswich. If people want to organise another such march in London exclusively for womyn I would support it but I feel that the emphasis of the Ipswich

march has to remain on our town, standing together to look out for each other.

“I know some people will be against this and I welcome comments but at the end of our day we just want our town to unite.

“On the issue of draining the police resources:

– I totally understand what people are syaing about stretching the police but practically I would imagine they will send community support officers and others that would not be directly involvement with the case becasue they are not trained to be able to deal with crime scenes etc.

– Also for the people who are worried about this if would cool if some of you might want to volunteers to steward it so we can cut down on police numbers.

– The last thing we want to do is stop the police from catching the killer but obviously the law has not been enough of a preventative measure to stop this person from killing these womyn so instead all we can do is unite and send this individual a strong message that our town will not stand for this and we will STAND TOGETHER IN STRENGTH TO CARE AND LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER. I think this is the little power we have.

“For any further info or idea sharing contact [email protected] (these are affiliates and not organisers!) This is a big undertaking so please keep it necessary and to the point.

“Thank you

In Strength and Solidarity