Blogger leaves stage

Blac(k)ademic has left the building. Actually, she gave her notice back in mid-December – it’s just been that long since I went through my blogroll.

The archive is still online, and well worth a read before it is swallowed by the internet.

On a brighter note, Karen has updated her blog at Girl Wonder. She serves up 10 of the best comics that broke the (misogynist) mould in 2006.

She has also reviewed 300, the brilliant-but-flawed graphic novel currently being made into a Hollywood blockbuster.

Karen points out that putting female characters front and centre isn’t appropriate in this case:

Given that Spartan warriors were sequestered in barracks, very rarely had contact with their “wives”*, and were expected to form what we would consider homosexual relationships with their peers, this is goes well beyond bizarre and straight into the twisted realm of homophobia.