Can I be a Detective Inspector in the Feminist Police?

Feministing – they rock, don’t they?

Having been bogged down over the past few days reading the depressing gory details of feminists falling out (AGAIN!!!) on various blogs and mailing lists and discussion boards over the last few days and weeks, splitting into increasing seperate and antagonistic camps, I just loved this post highlighting this Feminist Police badge created by Amanda at Pandagon.

I really want that on a t-shirt.

My personal view as Editor of this site has always been that feminism is diverse and can accomodate many different perspectives on how to resolve particular issues, since at the end of the day we all have the same goal in mind – to make the world a better place; but we just differ in our thoughts about how to get there. But perhaps that’s my own naive, impossible little world where everyone skips merrily along together in the sunshine. Hey-ho!

Anyway – a blog called Vociferate had a similar image a while back saying “Feminist Police: More feminist than thou”. It made me laugh so hard I bookmarked it, but sadly that blog is no more and the page is gone from the ‘net – so it made my day to see this one. Thanks Feministing & Pandagan (waves from the UK) – keep up the good work!