More on Hitchens

[Update: apologies to Mary Birdsong. I mistakenly credited Claire Zulkey with writing the satire of Hitchens’ rant]

Remember that Christopher Hitchens article in Vanity Fair about how women aren’t funny? Claire Zulkey Mary Birdsong takes him down a peg. Another peg. Really, Hitchens is running out of pegs here.

Oh, and the data he referenced from that study at Stanford (in which 10 men and 10 women were shown 70 black and white cartoons to rate them on a funniness scale) totally supports his theory. It proves men are TOTALLY better at laughing at black and white cartoons than women are. That’s pretty much the same thing as doing standup or writing comedy. I bet Kipling was awesome at laughing at black and white cartoons. I’ve been trying to find a decent comedy club where men stand on stage and show each other black and white cartoons. I’d pay like… fifty bucks for that.