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Girl With a One Track Mind – Abby Lee

Abby Lee’s diary has become a best seller due to the frank, humorous, and explicit descriptions of her sex life in London. Catherine Redfern considers some of the feminist implications of this popular blogger’s book.

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More responses to our ‘usual feminist/liberal claptrap’ from raving loons who freely admit they havent bothered to actually read the articles. Personally I was absolutely devastated to learn that our ‘negative, castrating, critical attitude toward Men, in general, is a complete turn-off’! Oh NO! Whatever will we DO! Well, what do you expect from feminists – we are ‘a bunch of disgrunteled [sic] dykes’ with our ‘lies and stupid therioes’ [sic] who ‘only bring evil to the world!’ Thankfully, not all readers are so ignorant; most of you are truly fab.