Amanda Marcotte speaks about being chased out of job by right-wingers

Amanda Marcotte, from Pandagon, has been forced to quit her new position as blogger for the John Edwards campaign, after an onslaught of harassment from the right wing.

Over at Salon, she explains why she decided to resign, and ponders the implications for other women.

One question that’s hard to avoid is how much of the venom had to do with the fact that McEwan and I were young women entering into a field (Internet communications) that’s viewed as almost monolithically masculine. From my vantage point, it appeared that sexism was one of the primary motivating energies behind the campaign.

Meanwhile, AlterNet reveals that a high-profile Republican legislator in Texas has circulated a memo quoting a group who don’t believe the Earth revolves around the sun. Seriously. Their web address is They think modern science since Copernicus is a Jewish conspiracy.