Black Snake Moan – ‘a bit problematic’?

I don’t like to judge films based purely on trailers. But with Black Snake Moan, it’s hard not to. I’ll quote Newsweek for the plot:

There’s no polite way to describe Craig Brewer’s “Black Snake Moan,” so let’s get it over with. Samuel L. Jackson stars as Lazarus, an old black bluesman who tries to cure Rae (Christina Ricci) of nymphomania by tethering her to his radiator with a steel chain.

What the review doesn’t mention is that – from the trailer – the thing seems to be shot like a porn movie. The images of Christina Ricci running around in a big chain are extremely sexualised, for what essentially appears to be a story about a woman being beaten, then kidnapped, chained up and lectured for being sexually active. And, by the way, when did Ricci shrink to half her former size?

Racialicious has the trailer embedded in their post on the film.