Introducing Abby, our new blogger

I’m excited to announce we have a new edition to our pantheon of bloggers.

Abby O’Reilly has been a regular contributor to The F Word since August 2006, and you can read previous work for us over on our list of contributors.

She also put together a few words to introduce herself:

Hi! My name is Abby O’Reilly, I am 23-years-old and I currently live in

South Wales. I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in

English Literature in July 2006, and I have since been pursuing a career

as a freelance journalist. I am a huge fan of The F Word, and I have been

writing for the site since August 2006. I am very excited about blogging

for The F Word, and I hope I can maintain the excellent precedent set by

previous and existing bloggers.

Lego blogger by minifig, shared under a Creative Commons license