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Fear Factor

Claire McGowan explains how well-meaning Government and media campaigns to protect women could be focussing on the wrong issues. Preventing male violence, she argues, can not and should not be solved by women living in a state of terror, complying with unofficial curfews or restricting their own freedom.

Men and Children First

Can women ever achieve parity with men when deep seated views of their physical weakness still remain? Ealasaid Gilfillan argues that linking ‘women and children’ together is a symptom of the sort of ingrained attitudes that must be challenged if women are to move forwards.

Sex and the Music Video

Like the rest of us, Fay Bound Alberti can’t seem to escape the soft-core pornography that’s become part of everyday life. She ponders what it all means for women, men, girls, boys, and relationships.

Your Face Is Your Fortune

These days women can be successful in the workplace, but they’re never allowed to forget what really matters: how sexually attractive they are to men. Marianne Cupit asks: are women still being judged on their appearance when it comes to their chosen career?

The Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith’s latest film has gained him plaudits and nominations for his role as a single parent. But Dwysan Edwards says we shouldn’t forget that thousands of mothers go through the same experiences every day.