Routine Sexism on BBC Radio 4

Last week was a prize week for routine sexism on Radio 4 which, I think, serves well as an exemplar of just how widespread sexism still is and still is accepted in this country.

First off was a statement by the Marketing Manager in the UK for Guinness saying (three times) that the new Guiness Red was not “for women” but was aimed at men and that Guinness wasn’t interested in the female market. Fair enough, maybe women should stop being interested in Guinness and ask men they know who drink Guinness to abstain in protest at the sexism – especially with St Patricks Day coming up.

Second was a comment by a leading Conservative member of the House of Lords that Restorative Justice schemes were being run by “young, innocent, middle class girls” and where therefore ineffective.

I would welcome more examples of the continuing sexism in our society – email me through the F Word website with more examples!