Too fat to be beautiful, too old to be beautiful now too maternal to be beautiful

A Spanish Beauty Pageant winner has been de-frocked(? decrowned?) because it was “discovered” she had a three year old child. The competition rules disallowed any competitors who were pregnant or mothers although the reciprocal male competition doesn’t disallow fathers from competing. The rules state that

fathers, unlike mothers, can compete in the pageant because they “do not undergo substantial physical changes that would impede them from carrying out duties such as travel and taking part in parades that are required of pageant winners.”Yahoo News

So apparently it being assumed you will take care of a child is a “physical” change, suddenly the sound biological basis of patriarchy becomes clearer. The winner, Angela Bustillo has threatened legal action and the (Socialist) Government of Spain is urging the competition organiser to change their decision to disqualify Ms Bustillo.