Attempted drug rapist out in three months

drugsA man caught in the act of attempting to drug and rape a city banker has been given a paltry two year sentence.

Although police found hundreds of Xanax pills in Rohail Spall’s car, and he was found guilty by a jury, the judge said:

Spall was “unscrupulous” and “underhand” but he was not convinced he posed “any significant risk to young women of serious harm”.

The judge said Spall’s behaviour was caused by his own “drunken state” and was “totally out of character”.

He ordered that Spall be banned from possessing any form of sedative that is prescribed or not – namely Xanax – for life.

Because putting a sedative in your “date’s” drink is just a bit of an “underhand” way of getting laid? And the hundreds more pills in his car were for what if not raping, um, hundreds more women?

Spall is likely to be released in three months, after the time he has already spent in jail is taken into consideration.

The Crown Prosecution Service is reportedly considering challenging the sentence.

Picture by Trentin Quarantino, shared under a Creative Commons license