Female Firefighters to star in new DVD

female firefighter in helmetWomen firefighters in Oxfordshire are to star in an educational DVD to promote gender equality, according to a report by the BBC.

An all-female team from the Oxford County Council Fire and Rescue Service will be filmed during a drill for the film which, the national charity Christian Aid, hopes will encourage UK children to enter the profession.

When we think of the Fire Service we automatically think of ‘Firemen,’ as it is stereotypically a profession considered only accessible to men.

The children’s TV show ‘Fireman Sam’ did nothing but foster the belief in a generation of young girls that men function to uphold order in society, whereas women do nothing but wear their hair in curlers and spend hours shouting ‘Norman’ regardless of whether or not they actually know anybody of this name. How quaint. But also how very outdated.

This DVD demonstrates the need to re-educate our nations’ youth to believe that they are capable of fulfilling their career ambitions, regardless of what they may be, and the expectations placed upon them to fulfil traditional gender roles.

Photo by jennifer buehrer, shared under a Creative Commons license