Feminist Carnival comes to The F Word

notting hill carnivalIn three weeks time, The F Word is going to play host to the 35th Carnival of Feminists. For readers who aren’t familiar with this project, the Carnival is a twice-monthly celebration of the feminist blogosphere, collecting together posts from feminist bloggers – especially new blogs, which might not get the attention of some of the better known bloggers. You can read more about the Carnival here.

We’ve not got a particular theme lined up for this Carnival, although it would be great to showcase the work of some bloggers from across Europe (not to put bloggers from elsewhere off, though, all submissions are welcome). The Carnival will go live on 4 April, so get your submissions in quick, either using the submission form here or email it straight to me at [email protected] You can submit your own posts, or just something you’ve stumbled across that you think we should highlight.

Meanwhile, you can check out the newest Carnival at A Somewhat Old, But Capacious Handbag

Photo by FredR, shared under a Creative Commons license