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Cassandra Says has declared this the week of female desire.

In response, the feminist blogosphere has posted up lots of images of folks they find sexy. For example, Anti-Essentialist Conundrum and Renegade Evolution.

Meanwhile, Women’s eNews has a really interesting feature about how US newspapers and magazines will print cartoons on any subject – except if they satirize the pro-lifers.

And, via Feministing, here’s Betty Dobson drawing the internal structure of the clitoris:

Salon’s Broadsheet highlights the ickyness of the Pino, a Nissan apparently marketed towards women. What makes it especially woman-friendly, I hear you cry. The answer: customisable, cutesy upholstery, stuffed animals and sparkly hubcaps.

As one of Nissan’s Japanese marketing managers quoted by the AP put it, “Rather than focus on the features of a minicar, we thought it better to talk about how cute it is.”

On the same sort of theme, an ice-cream maker in Sweden has provoked the ire of the local consumer council by marketing a lolly called “Girlie”. The Local reports that this is a “a star-shaped, pink ice-cream with glitter make-up stored inside the stick”.

According to GB, the ‘Girlie’ ice pop signals a “sense of summer”, “star status” and “a disco feeling”.

The Swedish Consumers Association however uses an entirely different word: “gender-profiling”.

“Girlie, GB’s new ice pop, is pink and has make-up inside the stick. It says a lot about what GB thinks about girls and how they should be,” said the association in a statement.

Finally, Jo from I Can’t Fly discovers just how easy it is to get porn on her mobile:

I scrolled down the main menu for TV & Video:

Top ten videos

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News & weather


Yeah, let’s just slip “babes” in under the news & weather shall we?* So I clicked on it.