Ladyfest Leeds 2007

If you’re looking for something exciting (that also complements your feminist sensibilities) to do this April, the solution is at hand in the form of Ladyfest Leeds.

From Tuesday 10th to Sunday 15th April there will be a diverse range of art events taking place at different venues across Leeds, aiming to both showcase and celebrate the creative work of all women.

This year Ladyfest Leeds will comprise of over 100 events in total, including art exhibitions, live bands (including the Raincoats who are re-forming for the event), dance and theatre performances, and workshops, meaning that there is something to appeal to everybody regardless of personal preference.

Two members of the organising team approached Beth Ditto from the Gossip following a gig, and she was very positive about Laydyfest Leeds. She remarked that:

“I’m really proud to meet – to be hanging out with these two people from Ladyfest Leeds, and if you’re smart you should go support it, be involved in it, so go, buy a ticket, go to the workshops, and learn more.”

With this sort of encouraging endorsement the event looks set to be a huge success, and we’d be fools to miss out if we can make it.

For more details about the events and information on how to book tickets please see theLadyfest Leeds website.

Image courtesy of Ladyfest Leeds