More on the Newham Record gangrape comments

Tom Duncan, the reporter who likened watching a football team lose to watching someone you like get gangraped, has written a follow-up comment to the story available here. In it he says

It would be indeed be outrageous and absurd to suggest there was any similarity between the gravity of a crime as serious as rape and what many supporters will see, in a different context, as the violation of the club they love.

Of course that’s kind of hard to take from a man who only days earlier had written

For every West Ham supporter, events at Upton Park this season have been like witnessing the gangrape of someone you love.

And I alone in seeing an inconsistency in Mr Duncan’s position? But wait, it gets worse, because in his latest outing Mr Duncan then goes on to tell us that

I am both saddened and disappointed that anyone should have misunderstood what I was attempting to convey last week; and that would be especially true if anyone personally affected by an incident of rape was further distressed by what I wrote

So remember women, it’s your fault for misunderstanding the man, he’s disappointed we can read so much into his comments and he doesn’t care if we’re angry about his comments, so long as we’re not “distressed” by them. And the Newham Recorder calls that an apology.