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This month, our update comes a bit early because of preparations to host the 35th Carnival of Feminists on 4 April. There’s still time to get your submissions in, either by using our comments form or by filling in the form on the Carnival website. We want to make it a really good one, so get submitting!

Meanwhile, there’s plenty to get your teeth into this month on The F Word:

Zines: for when mainstream media lets us down

Feminist blogs are blooming, but many women seeking a creative outlet still turn to hand-made zines. This May, the Women’s Library in London will play host to Zine Fest!, showcasing women’s zines past and present, as well as providing scissor-and-paper classes for aspiring zinesters. Red Chidgey, who is organising this first-of-a-kind event, explains to Cazz Blase why zines still flourish and picks some of her favourites

The farmer wants a wife, the wife wants a wife

Women don’t want to be lumbered with the housework, but men aren’t willing to pick up the bucket and mop. Right? JC Sutcliffe asks why women perpetuate the myth that men are incapable of doing domestic chores

Jacky Fleming on drawing for feminism

Jacky Fleming is responsible for one of the most iconic images of the feminist movement – plus a stream of widely-distributed cartoons that poke fun at such unlikely subjects as sexual harassment and the male-dominated workplace, as well as men and relationships. Jess McCabe caught up with her by email

Could Britney Spears be the feminist icon of our generation?

Britney Spears is a strong, confident, self-made woman – in short, she is a feminist success story. No wonder the tabloid’s love affair with her finished so abruptly when she cut off her locks, argues Theadora Jean

A worthwhile women’s day

Fed up with most of the events put on for International Women’s Day, Angela Brant found herself at an illuminating talk on women living under religious and oppressive laws

Hair today, mad tomorrow

Even when baldness is caused by illness, it is taboo because it flouts conventions of femininity, argues Nichi Hodgson. Britney Spears is only the latest in a long line of reviled, bald women – and, worst of all, she chose to shave off her locks

WAG do you want to be when you grow up?

In WAG Boutique, Josefin Skullbacka finds a group of women all-too-willing to define themselves as the wives and girlfriends of footballers