Sisterhood is brutal – new form of empowerment?

Catfight is a new form of entertainment – skimpily dressed women, who in their publicity shots pose in quasi-pornographic stances, and box for the audience wearing tight white bra tops and short shorts. Just to reinforce this is women the boxing gloves in the ring are baby blue and baby pink (see the videos).

Catfight Publicity Shot 2 Catfight Publicity Shot Catfight Publicity Shot 2

Of course the promoters claim this as empowerment – the blurb on the website reads:

Founder of Catfight, Jamelah experienced one of women’s biggest fears…. She was beaten up publicly and violently in a club by a man. She decided that she didn’t want to be scared victim, so sought help from a professional boxing coach to learn how to fight back.

She put so much passion into her training that she was to invited to LA to take part in a contest and fight against another model which was televised nationally in the USA… SHE WON… and now wants to turn her experiences and triumphs into a sexy sporting entertainment never seen before.

Jamelah – it should be noted – isn’t listed as a contestant so her desire to hang around in skimpy clothing and be beaten senseless by another woman in baby pink boxing gloves obviously passed quite quickly. But more infuriatingly, the website claims some form of feminist empowerment in this activity whilst relegating the fighters to the status of “kittens” and “girls”…

Catfight is a unique combination of “feline beauty” and fighting prowess. Catfight represents the advance and power of modern women and provides sexy, sporting entertainment for both ‘red-blooded males” and no-nonsense women, who know they are the stronger sex. The Catfight girls have it all…beauty… power… cunning… and a will to win that men can’t resist…and women desire. Your first chance to see these sexy kittens in combat action will be on SEE THEM FIGHT… AND… MEET THEM ON THE NIGHT… IN PERSON.

So these “girls” will provide titillation for “red-blooded males” by taking part in “combat action” as “kittens”. Now whilst that may provoke some degree of hilarity as a mental image, the videos should dispell that quickly enough. So now we know, feminists should be donning lycra and pastel boxing gloves and beating each other up to get empowerment. And, of course, this should all be done for the viewing pleasure of men and with a large helping of pornified visual presentation. These girls aren’t just powerful – you can meet them too (and have happy fantasies that might mean having sex with them).