For those unfamiliar with the Fawcett Society, it is an organisation that has been working to try and bridge the gap in equality between men and women since 1866.

Their t-shirt campaign has attracted the attention of the national press, with a recent article in The Guardian discussing how celebrity endorsement is helping to centralise the need to address gender inequality to the vanguard of the socio-political campaign.

Sarah Smith

The t-shirt, which are either black with white lettering or vice versa, are adorned with phrases such as ‘I’ve got Millicent tendencies,’ ‘I’m a friend of a Millicent’ and the hugely popular and trademark phrase ‘This is what a feminist looks like’.

The celebrity support has been phenomenal with a diverse range of people, from pop stars to authors and politicians, getting involved and agreeing to have their photographs taken wearing the t-shirts. Cherie Booth, Tracy Chevalier, Ade Edmondson and Ken Livingston are some of the stars who have adorned the t-shirts, with fellow supporter, the novelist Sarah Waters, remarking that:

“Feminism is part of a wider struggle against the inequalities of race, ethnicity and class – against all inequalities. Surely the real question should be, not ‘Why are you a feminist?’ but ‘Why aren’t you one?'”

In the photo here, Sarah Smith, a presenter for More 4 News, dons the t-shirt and says: “We should all be proud to call ourselves feminists.”

If you are interested in becoming involved, you can find more information and download an order form from the Fawcett Society’s website.