A social networking site for women. The focus? Shopping

Osoyou, a social networking site for women in the UK, has just got $2 million of funding, according to Mashable.

There’s not much to see on their website right now, but what there is is enough to annoy. Here’s their logo:

Their tagline is “Stare. Shop. Share.” While it’s not altogether surprising that more start ups are targeting women, now that there are marginally more women than men online (in the US, at least), you’d hope they’s not fall so quickly for the same old stuff about women only being interested in shopping, and, um, what exactly? “Staring”?! Come on, they’ve got a clothes hanger in their logo, and I’m assuming not in an abortion-rights sort of way.

Anyway, the idea that while the “male” internet uses social networking to improve careers, meet people, reconnect with old friends, find interesting stuff online and and all those other things, a network aimed at women is based on the principle of “social shopping”, is frankly insulting.

Meanwhile, you can cheer yourself up with an article by Jessica Valenti (of Feministing fame) in the Guardian, in which she sets out all the reasons feminism is still needed – but also the ways that feminists have it better, from career to sex. (via DollyMix)