Feminist art in New York


The US seems to be having a bit of a feminist art revoltion right now, what with WACK! in Los Angeles, a major retrospective which is extensively covered on its blog.

But Jewess has a great post up right now about an exhibition on “global feminisms” at the Brooklyn Museum, which has me just as ready to hop onto a plane to the west coast.

Jewess goes through the exhibition picking out some of her favourites. I like the sound of these:

Polish artist Anna Baumgart’s “Sylvia,” a photograph depicting a recreation of Sylvia Plath’s suicide, it’s one in a series of photgraphs recreating the suicides of famous women. Cheery.


Israeli artist Oreet Ashery’s “Self Portrait as Marcus Fisher I,” a photograph of Asheery wearing typical male hasidic garb and exposing her breast, which makes a disturbing and comical image.

The photo above is by Ingrid Mwangi, and is part of a series in which “experiments with her own body, likening it to an open book upon which her own national and racial lineage is both written and read”.

Now that the Tate Modern has woken up to its dearth of female artists, maybe it should set the record straight and put on a feminist exhibit of its own?