Nintendo’s latest offering "for" girls: all makeup and boys

Nintendo has just released a new game for the Japanese market, aimed at girls, Cosmetic Paradise.

Surely the best proof yet that games designed ostensible with the female gamer market in mind are universally awful and patronising, the game involves “a heroine living in a magical land of cosmetics, who must help all the women in the land win the hearts of the men, through the use of makeup”. (via Shiny Shiny)

Kotaku has more:

In game currency is used to purchase goods at the cosmetics store. The heroine is even able to consult with the shop staff! There are mini games in which the would-be queen can win currency to buy make-up. The WiFi connection can be enabled so that items can be exchanged with a friend and players can do each other’s make-up — And virtually at that!