Study into Late Term Abortions

Continuing the sudden revival of interest in abortion politics, news has been released of a study into why women have late term (i.e. second trimester) abortions. It’s worth noting at this point that only 10.7% of abortions caried out are after the first trimester. Significantly only 1.4% of abortions are carried out after the 20th week of pregnancy (statistics from Department of Health). Mostly of the second trimester abortions take place in non-NHS facilities, that is they are paid for privately by the patients themselves (or their families).

Startling revelations (/end sarcasm/) include

1. because they do not realise they are pregnant.

2. because they were unsure about having an abortion.

3. change or breakdown in relationship

4. service delays including waiting for appointments

So there we go, the small number of late-term abortions are not state funded, happen for reasons other than a decision to be cruel by the pregnant woman and often include problems with accessing the services. Which can only get worse according to the news from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. So do we risk abortion, or at least some access to abortion, becoming the preserve of the affluent? Quite possibly so.