Supporting Women at Work Conference in Bristol 2007

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The place of women in the working world is regularly the subject of much media speculation, be it owing to the discrimination we encounter owing to our gender, or the introduction of materninty laws which make us more susceptible to being overlooked for promotion.

But, these days, more and more women are entering the working world, breaking down the traditional stereotype of the ideal homely wife, who was just as good as baking pastries as she was at giving blow jobs. With generations of new husbands anticipating this sort of treatment it’s not suprising that the career woman, when she first emerged, was met with such hostility by a burgeoning patriarchy.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) in conjuction with the women’s committee are therefore holding a one day Conference on Supporting Women at Work in The Southville Centre, Bristol on 25 April.

There will be speakers attending the event, including Baroness Margaret Prosser and Debbie Coulter, Deputy General Secretary, GMB, as well as workshops being held on equal pay and the opportunity to question the South West Union Regional Secretaries about what they are doing for women members.

For more information contact Tanya Parker on 0117 9470521 or [email protected]. You can also download an application pack here.

Photo by bullish1974, shared under a Creative Commons License