Tate admits anti-woman bias

The Tate Modern has admitted it needs to include more work by female artists, after revealing only 12% of artists represented in its collection are women, reports The Independent.

That is 348 female artists out of 2,914 artists in the collection. So, the Tate is an established institution – maybe it’s just some sort of historical lag? No.

Only two of the 39 major works bought over the past two years were by female artists.

They’ve only bought two major works by female artists in the last two years? One a year. Well, it must be because there aren’t enough great works by women, then. No, again.

Sir Nicholas Serota, the director of the Tate, said: “It is striking that among the emerging contemporary artists, the gender balance is much more even. And that is pleasing.”

You’ve got to give it to them: they’ve recognised the problem, called the press conference. Let’s just hope they actually do something about it.

Meanwhile, online art magazine artkrush has just published an issue focusing on feminist art.

Photo by Barbara Rich, shared under a Creative Commons license