AIDS awareness: women get their hearts broken, men bounce through life having orgies

While I hesitate to criticize any efforts to promote condom use and safe sex, these ads are just really annoying.

Who made them? I’m not sure. The production values are great. Efforts to aim this at an age group that’s not afraid to see (animated) enjoyable, sometimes-kinky sex also go down well. But… argh… they have to spoil it all by depicting the male sex life as one of endless encounters with strange, alluring women, while the female sex life involves one broken heart after another and a search for true love.

It begins with little boys refusing to play with a little girl, and follows her into adulthood, which seems to involve endless, well, husband seeking. At least she is allowed an eye-spinning orgasm or two.

Just to add the cherry to the cake, the film makes a racist joke about black men having big penises.

By contrast, the ‘boy’s version’ shows a fun-loving, free-wheeling man sleeping his way around the universe. He even goes to a brothel. And choses women from some sort of high-tech, fairground-style menu. But, you know, in a fun way!