An F Word podcast? We need your input!

We’ve been mulling over the idea of starting up a semi-regular podcast here at The F Word for a couple of months now.

I love podcasts, but there don’t seem to be any decent feminist shows out there: so it seems like a good idea to branch out from the screen to the airwaves, at least digitally speaking.

But it’s a big time commitment, so before we commit ourselves to the idea, it’d be good to get an idea if anyone out there would like to listen to one!

We have some ideas already:

  • A couple of regular contributors and/or guests get together with the Sunday papers and discuss the news from a feminist perspective
  • Interviews and discussions with interesting people – perhaps with feminist bloggers of note
  • Contributed feminist ‘radio’ slots

    Please let us know what you think by voting using this form. Remember to fill us in on whatever ideas you have using the “other” option, or you can use the feedback form if you prefer.

    [UPDATE: Warning! The ‘other’ option in the poll only seems to accept about a line of text before cutting people off. If you have something longer than a few words to say about the idea of a podcast, please use the feedback form. Thanks!]