And as if Marvel hadn’t been offensive enough…

Meet Marvel’s new villain, Lady Ultron. Apparently she’s a robot. And she doesn’t feel the need for clothing (or at least the artist doesn’t – perhaps he missed that lesson at art school?)

Lady Ultron

OK so, she’s naked and it’s not that I have an objection to that in context, but to me the context isn’t really street battles – I mean a naked evil robot may find it hard to pass incognito if she continues to be, well, naked and all the time. She does apparently have labia (look closely, puts her one up on Barbie) but no pubic hair. Her breasts are too big and too high for conventional biology (hey but she’s a robot so again). And her eyes are blank. Can anyone else come up with a better explanation than this is a pornographers dream – blank faced, fantasy proportioned and a robot so no need to think about her feelings or bodily responses.