Big Brother is Now "Big Sister"

And we should apparently all rejoice at this.

BB Contestants

According to The Times:

Big Brother returned in the form of a giant hen party last night when producers unveiled an all-female cast in an attempt to revive the tarnished brand. The producers want “flirtation” to replace bullying as the theme of the 14-week series. But it was unclear initially how this will be achieved as 11 women trooped into the house. A “hunky” male will reportedly be introduced tomorrow night, with more men replacing the women as the series continues.

So Big Brother continues to head down the same old road – pitting women against women in the bid for male attention (whether the viewers or other contestants). And their set-up this years means the men will have a greater chance of winning because they are introduced later and therefore will experience less of the public voting them out. All from a series which managed last year to have a race relations nightmare that it ignored and then denied and where only two of the previous winners (out of seven) have been winners (Kate Lawler and Nadia Almada).